Additional services

Type Speed Statement

Do you need to have a Typing Speed Statement as part of your job application? We can conduct tests under the Australian Standard no 2708/2001.
The Standard provides a test method that facilitates the comparison of individual keyboarding speeds and is designed for use by human resources departments, employment agencies, data processing, business, and government departments.


(Typing Test Certificate) Upon successful completion of the test will provide you with a certificate of speed and accuracy. Cost $40.00


Are you studying one of the courses Far North Training & Consultancy offers with another RTO or by distance? If you need help or tutoring we are happy to offer assistance. The cost for tutoring is $30.00 per hour. Please call to make an appointment.

Resume Service

Make your CV stand out from the rest and get your dream job today
Did you know you should have a resume tailored to the job you are applying for? For example you wouldn’t use the same resume to apply for a job at a retail/clothing store, as a resume for a restaurant or café.

We can help you compile a resume tailored to the industry you wish to work in.
Even if you have not had much REAL experience in the work force, you can still have a resume that stands out. Employers know, everyone has to start
somewhere, have a resume that reflects your enthusiasm for learning & working.

Far North Training can help you!
Have your resume altered, if you already have an existing resume from $40.00.
If you don’t have a resume, stop by our office, tell us a few details about yourself, we will type your new resume for you. From $60.00.
Prices above are a guideline only; price will vary depending on your needs.

Emailed to you!
In addition to printing your resume, we will also email a copy to your preferred email address. Your resume an also be saved on to USB for an additional $5.00 fee

FNTC are proud of our professionalism.
We will provide you with a professional resume, employers will be impressed. We will include a letter of application (cover letter) for no additional cost.

Tailored to suit you.
It is imperative your resume suits the type of employment you are seeking. Anyone can type a resume, however if it is not relevant to the position available, employers will simply discard your resume. Make your resume stand out! A few simple tips from FNTC will help you get noticed.

Other services

Printing from USB/ Email
High speed internet available
Downloading photos to USB/Disk or hard drive
Word processing (text production)